For The Media

FarmSTAND envisions a future where our food chain results in healthy, empowered communities and sustainable livelihoods, and an animal agriculture system that is transparent and accountable to people, not profit. It is the only legal project in the country that is focused solely on dismantling industrial animal agriculture — particularly, the structures that enable the consolidation of corporate power and extractive systems — and supporting a positive vision of animal agriculture that is regenerative, humane, and owned by independent farmers.

Reporters, editors and producers are welcome to contact Communications Director Aidan O’Shea at for insight and analysis any time you are researching or reporting on legal issues and developments. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Climate Change
  • Air and Water Pollution
  • Transparency and Consumer Rights
  • Civil Rights and Environmental Justice
  • Industrial Agriculture and Public Health
  • Consolidation and Antitrust in Agriculture
  • Ag-gag, and Constitutional Implications of Agricultural Laws
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