We’re Fighting for a Fair Food System

FarmSTAND is the only legal group in the country dedicated solely to taking on Big Ag. We partner with directly impacted groups to fight in courtrooms and communities for better working conditions, humane treatment of animals, clean air and water, and food that’s safe to eat.

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We Need More Attorneys and Law Students to Join the Movement

Across the nation, industrial agriculture facilities are moving into places where their pollution and exploitative work practices are hurting communities. With our help, you can be part of a network that brings legal support to rural residents, farmers, and workers impacted by the factory farm system.

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Recent Cases

Daley Farm v. County of Winona (Land Stewardship Project Intervention)

This case is a dispute over the dramatic expansion of a dairy operation. The authority of local government hangs in the balance.

Essential Services for Colorado’s Farmworkers

Everyone should be able to work with dignity and access resources that better their working conditions and lives. However, agribusiness interests have threatened Colorado farmworkers’ right to access essential services where they work. Agricultural workers tend to be isolated and work long hours. Many live…

Bathroom Breaks for Delivery Drivers (Cross v. Amazon)

Amazon is one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world—yet its policies deprive its delivery drivers of basic labor rights, including the right to bathroom breaks. Under Amazon’s brutal work quotas and elaborate surveillance systems, many drivers resort to urinating in bottles…

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